Insulated Bulkheads for Refrigerated Trailers

Cold Chain Transport Solutions

ClimaTrek is a new line of insulated bulkhead products from Rite-Hite, a company with a long history of helping food producers and distributors protect the cold chain. These innovative climate-controlled trailer bulkhead products maximize efficiency and reliability along the cold chain journey, easing the burden on employees while guarding against the loss of products and profits.

Insulated bulkheads for refrigerated trailer installation

Trailer Bulkheads

TBH Series

Bring the traditional trailer bulkhead into the modern age with state-of-the-art construction that makes it lighter and stronger than older-style bulkheads. Designed with the user in mind, ClimaTrek bulkheads maximize safety and durability, bringing a new level of efficiency and reliability to the refrigerated journey of sensitive products. ClimaTrek refrigerated trailer bulkheads meet trailer temperature separation needs with this modern take on an industry classic, making the familiar insulated bulkhead even better.

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Insulated bulkheads for refrigerated trailer installation

Bulkhead Services and Repairs

ClimaTrek Repairs & Services

ClimaTrek offers repairs on any and all brands of bulkheads. Our highly skilled service department knows how to efficiently repair common bulkhead damage areas. Interested in getting a repair quote or testing out a new ClimaTrek bulkhead? Let's talk.

Insulated bulkheads for refrigerated trailer installation